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Returns & Exchanges

How do I make an exchange or return?

You did not like the product, or do you want to try a different size or style? We got you covered. Enter the name and the email address you used to make your purchase and the order number on the Return & Exchange page. After submitting the form, you

I received a wrong product/ product with a defect.

If you received a wrong product or an item with a defect, please email [email protected]. The email must contain your order number, a brief description of the issue, and a couple of pictures to illustrate the case. Unfortunately, printing (custom i


If you experience irritation or discomfort on your skin around or beneath your watch and/or band, Apple recommends that you remove your watch and consult a doctor/physician before wearing it again. A small number of people will experience reactions t


Buy Me Cool warrants that all new products are free from defects in manufacturing, materials, and quality for 30 days from the date of retail purchase. This warranty is extended to the original end-user purchaser or the person receiving the product a